Belcove Hotel & Island Lodge FAQ

Belcove Hotel & Island Lodge FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you get to Belcove?

Belcove Hotel is nestled in the heart of downtown Belize City. It is located on 9 Regent Street West. It’s less than 30 minutes from the International Airport and 10 minutes away from the bus terminal.

Do you have a restaurant?

We do not have a restaurant on site but they are plenty of restaurants in the area as well as next door to the hotel.

What is the electrical current in Belize?

All outlets are 110 volts and 60 hertz, the same as that used in the USA.

Do I need to exchange money?

There is no need to exchange your money to Belize dollars; we accept US dollars as well. However the change will be in Belize dollars.

Is Belize City safe?

Belize is a safe country. However, tourists should exercise caution. We recommend that you don’t carry large sum of cash, walking alone at night or wearing flashy jewelry and don’t wander into areas that don’t feel safe. Follow standard travel precautions.